ORCP 7C(2) (Time for response)

The rule requires that “the defendant shall appear and defend within 30 days from the date of service.” There might be a small grace period for tardy defendants here, based on Reeder et al v. Marshall, Admix, 214 Or …

ORCP 7D – in general

Failure to serve a party properly could mean dismissal of the lawsuit. ORCP 7D describes the “manner of service,” but it does not set out every last way in which service may be accomplished. Lake Oswego Review, Inc. v. Steinkamp

ORCP 8 (Process)

“The Supreme Court has uniformly held that, under our statutes, a summons is not ‘process.’ See Schoeneman v. Bennett, 235 Or. 257, 261 n. 4, 384 P.2d 217 (1963); ORCP 8.”

Matter of Marriage of Hamilton, 66 Or …