ORCP 7C(1)(a) – Title of Summons

ORCP 7 specifies how to title the summons, where to direct and how to sign the summons, sets out the time for response, and provides a form to be used to ensure that notice is properly given to the defendant.

ORCP 7 C(1)(a) requires the summons to contain the title of the cause, the name of the court, and the names of the parties to the action. It is unlikely that a failure to properly name the court or the parties will defeat jurisdiction, because ORCP 7G provides that such failure will be disregarded “if the court determines that the defendant received actual notice of the substance and pendency of the action.” See, Pac. Protective Wear Distrib. Co., Inc. v. Banks, 80 Or App 101, 105, 720 P2d 1320 (1986).