ORCP 4N (Joinder of claims in the same action)

This subsection replaces ORS 14.035(4).  It precludes personal jurisdiction over a defendants in a claim or cause of action joined to the existing lawsuit, unless “grounds exist under this rule, or other rule or statute, for personal jurisdiction over the defendant as to the claim or cause to be joined.”  The party moving for joinder must establish jurisdiction over all parties who will be joined, and cannot rely merely on a similarity of transactions or occurrences.  North Pacific S. S. Co. v. Guarisco, 293 Or 341, 350, 647 P2d 920 (1982) (“where the defendant is a non-resident of the state and jurisdiction was obtained over it through use of a ‘long-arm’ statute, each separate claim or cause of action stated against such defendant must have its own independent jurisdictional grounds.”)