Websites (Part One – set-up)

In an earlier posting (Legal Marketing: the history) I suggested looking at the websites of others, and jotting down ideas that you’d like to emulate. Now gather those ideas and get ready to set up a website.

First, find a good domain name (the name that others will type into their web browsers to find your website). It’s best to be consistent – ideally the name of your firm, or your name, will be the basis for your domain name. Find out if the name you want is available by going to a website hosting site like In Motion Hosting ( If the name you want is available, waste no time in claiming it!

Your next decision is both budgetary and aesthetic: will your website be a DIY project, or will you hire a professional? Look at the websites that you like, and figure out if you have the skills (or want to learn the skills) to create a similar website. If you know lawyers with attractive websites, contact them and ask who created the websites for them; make a list of web designers and start calling around for quotes. Refer the potential web designers to the sites you liked, so they understand what you are looking for. My website was designed by Scott Sakamoto,, and I recommend him. Scott used WordPress to create my website – more about that later.