How do I get people to know that I exist? (Part Two – networking)

Networking takes time, but can pay big dividends in the long run. While at law firms, I served on several Bar committees. I recommend this path to everyone. You get to know other lawyers well when you work on projects together with them. Committees also put on CLEs, so this venue will give you an opportunity to speak, present a written product (earning CLE credits for both, BTW), and adding to your resume. Choose a field that interests you; I like civil procedure, so I served on the State Bar Practice and Procedure Committee. Maybe you prefer Animal Law, Broadcasting, or Securities. You’ll find a list of Oregon State Bar committees here:

You won’t necessarily get a job immediately by doing this. But you will learn something through working on a committee, and you will make connections that might help you down the road. For lawyers in other states, check out your Bar Association’s website.