Legal Marketing – A Brief History and A Primer

After Bates v. Arizona, 433 US 350, 978 SCt 2691 (1977), law firms started to figure out how to market themselves.  One of the earliest books, Robert W. Denney’s How to Market Legal Services, was published in 1984 (originally $64 in hardcopy, a used version was recently offered on for twenty five cents).  For an interesting article on the often-amusing history of legal marketing, check out:  We’re way beyond brochures and generic information about ourselves now.  A simple Internet search reveals a plethora (not a word I usually use, but it’s fun) of options, some with niche information about marketing.  (See my blog about interesting and useful legal websites.)

Take some time to do your own Internet search. Tailor it to your interests and abilities.  Learn from others.  Jot down what you think would work for you.