Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure – ORCP 4G

So long as the action arises out of the defendant’s conduct as the officer or director of an Oregon corporation, or out of the activities of such corporation while the defendant held office as a director or officer, personal jurisdiction is provided by this rule. Such a defendant does not need to reside in Oregon to be subject to personal jurisdiction in Oregon courts. See, Consipio Holding, BV v. Carlberg, 282 P3d 751, 756 (Nev. 2012) (shareholder derivate action decided under Nevada law); DeCook v. Environmental Sec. Corp., Inc., 258 NW2d 721, 728–30 (Iowa 1977) (exercise of personal jurisdiction over a domestic corporation’s nonresident directors did not violate due process despite Iowa’s lack of a director consent statute; defendants were charged with fraudulently converting funds derived from selling corporate stock to Iowa residents).