Make Order Out of Chaos

Do you need help finding a trail through of a forest of data? Is the client’s file (or your file) such a mess that you can’t effectively work with it? Vivian will help you organize your case materials, providing direction and a litigation plan.

Partner with Experience

Vivian Solomon provides contract legal services for:

  • All phases of litigation in State and Federal courts
  • Case Evaluation Letters
  • Construction Defect
  • Depositions
  • Discovery Review and Responses
  • Insurance Defense and Coverage
  • Long Term (leave-based) Assignments
  • Legal Research
  • Writing and responding to summary judgment and other motions
  • Privilege Logs
  • Short Term (project-based)
  • Trial Pleadings
  • Transportation (rail and truck)
  • Product liability

Create the Time
You Need

Your strength is in building relationships with your clients and developing innovative legal strategies and vision. Rather than hitting the books, your business will grow and your clients will be better served when you can invest your time where it should be: creating billable time with your clients.


I do that. You can spend time with your clients.

Maybe you want to spend more time with your clients, and less time in the library. Perhaps you need a set of specific jury instructions in an unusual case. Or possibly you prefer that someone else research the law for that summary judgment motion. Vivian provides reliable research for your cases.

Staff Up

Help you need, when you need it.

You need a contract lawyer when you have a short-term increase in your work load. Maybe you have brought in a big case or client, or maybe you have lost an associate and need help while finding a replacement. When you need legal help, but do not want to commit to providing office space, benefits, or secretarial assistance, call Vivian. She will back you up while you are understaffed.

Need More Time?

Who doesn't? Devote more time to your practice.

Are you too busy to devote the necessary time to research an unfamiliar or complex area of law? Are you double-booked and need to delegate a deposition or other task? Do you have more witnesses than you can interview or prepare alone? Do you have back-to-back trials and need an attorney to prepare the trial pleadings, motions, jury instructions and verdict forms for the second lawsuit? Is time running out on your deadline to respond to that motion, prepare that speech, write that article, or create that presentation? Vivian can step in, and double the time that you can devote to your practice.

Second Opinion or Review

Let me confirm that for you with confidence.

Maybe you’ve done legal research but do not like what you’ve found. You’re wondering whether you missed something, and you’d like another experienced attorney to look at the issue with fresh eyes. Vivian can provide that second opinion, and allow you to advise your clients with confidence.

Some document reviews simply require attorney-level attention. Vivian can assist in the process of identifying privileged material, “hot docs” and responsive documents, as well as preparing a privilege log.

Client References

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